Deadly Cinco de Mayo parade shooting ruled act of self-defense

Wayne County Prosecutor's Office says man acted in self-defense when he shot, killed 19-year-old in southwest Detroit

Andreas de Jesus.
Andreas de Jesus.

DETROIT – The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office is calling the deadly shooting at this year's Cinco de Mayo parade in southwest Detroit an act of self-defense.

A 23-year-old man was arrested immediately after 19-year-old Andreas de Jesus was shot to death May 4 near the parade. Detroit police requested a warrant the next day.

However, the prosecutor's office denied the warrant request after "a thorough investigation," said spokeswoman Maria Miller. The man was released May 7 while the prosecutor's office said it couldn't make a charging decision before further investigation by police.

"It has been determined that the person in question acted in lawful self-defense of another person because at the time he acted he reasonably believed that another person was in danger of imminent death or serious bodily harm," Miller said.

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