Man living in tent tries to abduct 7-year-old boy in Monroe

Police arrest 18-year-old man who tried to kidnap boy near trail

MONROE, Mich. – A man living in a tent in the woods was arrested after he tried to abduct a young child in broad daylight, authorities said.

It happened around 5 p.m. Saturday just a few miles from downtown Monroe along South Monroe Street and Jones Avenue.

An 18-year-old man grabbed 7-year-old Carmetrius McCray as he made his way near a trail. Carmetrius had been out riding bikes with his friends but he got ahead of the group, and that's when the man who apparently has been living in the wooded area made his move.

Thankfully, Carmetrius' uncle, 13-year-old Maleik Linton, saw what happened and rushed to help.

When the boys were able to get home safely, they told their parents what happened and police were called.

Detectives found the man in the tent and he was then arrested.

The boys, back on their bikes Sunday, will have quite a story to tell Monday at school.

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