New rules on Belle Isle for Monday's fireworks show

Cars on island will be limited this year

Michigan State Police are alerting the public to new rules that will be in place for Monday night's fireworks show, now that the island is a State Park.

DETROIT – Detroit's Belle Isle, which is now a state park, will have new rules in place for Monday's Ford Fireworks show.

Michigan State Police will be enforcing rules aimed at keeping the park from becoming overcrowded.

Mashawn Ming, of Royal Oak, who has often watched the fireworks from Belle Isle, knows what problems can occur.

"Crowded, rowdy, a lot of people. I don't think I wanted to be in all that traffic," Ming said.

Now that Belle Isle is a state park, state police will be enforcing rules.

State Police Lt. Michael Shaw says one of the problems in the past was cars clogging roads on the island, making it difficult for emergency vehicles to get through.

"Used to be they would have to get out of the vehicle and run to where they were going. That's not going to happen this year," Shaw said.

Fireworks fans planning to watch from Belle Isle should know about the rules that will be in place on Monday.

The park will open at 5 a.m. for pedestrians and cyclists.

Registered cars will be allowed to enter after 2 p.m. Monday.

The park will close once police determine all parking spaces are taken.

Cars that are double-parked will be towed.

State Police Lt. Michael Shaw says the aim is to have visitors enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

"We want zero incidents. We had zero incidents over the Memorial Day weekend, over the Grand Prix and we want to continue that streak through the fireworks," Shaw said.

 Michigan's Department of Natural Resources will support the State Police Monday with increased patrols on Belle Isle.

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