Neighbors in Ypsilanti Township say vacant, stinky house must go

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Neighbors in one Ypsilanti Township neighborhood told Local 4 a condemned house is stinking up their block, literally.

The house on Hawthorne is boarded up and has multiple notices posted on it.


"When it rains and stuff it is a nasty, funky smell," said Crystal Smith. "They're going to have to tear it down."

Smith and other neighbors said the house has been sitting empty for a few months -- and has only gone from bad to worse.

"Filthy. It makes the whole neighborhood look bad," said James Galanopoulos.

Township leaders have noticed the home and were the ones who condemned it.

"The basement filled up with water like a swimming pool. The house has been baking in the sun now and mold has been growing," said Mike Radzik, the township's director of community standards.

Radzik said the township is trying to go after the bank that owns the property, but it's not easy.

"We end up chasing these out-of-state banks who are often difficult to get a hold of to try to figure out who's going take care of this place, and when is it going to be done, and that's what happened here," Radzik said.

He said the city hopes to have some type of resolution to the problem in the next couple of months.