Detroit east side neighborhood celebrates after years of cleaning up

Neighborhood holds block party on Arcola Street


DETROIT – A neighborhood on Detroit's east side is celebrating after years of work cleaning up the area.

Just a few short years ago, a block on Arcola Street was strewn with debris and even had an abandoned home, but not anymore.

Residents of the neighborhood held a party Friday night to celebrate and enjoy all the fruits of their labor.

The block party on Arcola Street started early Friday, organized by the families who call the neighborhood home

It might not look like it, but the homes on the block are low-income homes built in 2008, surrounded by the blight Detroit has become known for.

The street is proof there is much more to the city.

On Independence Day, residents celebrated everything the nation stands for and everything they're proud of, and it wouldn't be July Fourth without some fireworks.

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