Twister makes cameo in wedding photos

(Photography by Colleen Niska/Facebook)

They took each other for richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. In sunny skies and when a tornado rips through the background of their wedding pictures.

A couple in Saskatchewan, Canada, got the wedding photos of a lifetime when they spotted a tornado forming and, instead of hurrying them to a different location, photographer Colleen Niska kept snapping pictures.

Despite the amazing backdrop, Niska told the "Today" show via email that the trio was quite far away from the funnel cloud and it wasn't headed toward them.

"We were pretty excited as none of us had witnessed a tornado before and thought it was a pretty cool opportunity," Niska told "Today."

Niska posted the photos to Facebook on July 5. Her post has since received more than 25,000 likes.

"I've dreamed about a day like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Niska wrote on Facebook. "Could NOT wait to post these! Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!"