Decaying building's bricks fall on west Detroit street corner

Crumbling building at Dexter Avenue, Sturtevant has neighbors keeping their heads up

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DETROIT – The corner of Dexter Avenue and Sturtevant Street on Detroit's west side is a corner of crumbling danger.

A massive old building at the intersection has been vacant for years. It's leaning, crumbling, and sending bricks and chunks of concrete down to the sidewalk.

People walk to the gas station across the street all day. Carolyn Porter is one person who steers clear of the falling bricks by walking in the busy street.

"It's so dangerous, you know, they need to put something around it or tear it all down," she said.

While the city works to fight blight, neighbors in the area can't wait.

"I know what's going to happen. This building is going to hurt somebody," said Tracy Marshall.

Marshall is buying caution tape and stringing it up and down the sidewalk. He is taping off the corner. It's the second time he'll do it. He said people have to stay away from the dangerous building.

"I want to be able to walk down the street. I want to be able to see our city look like other cities, without buildings that look like they're going to kill somebody," he said.


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