Detroit barbershop shooting suspect finds trouble behind bars

Larry O'Neil Walker II
Larry O'Neil Walker II

DETROIT – What started as a violent shooting on Nov. 6, 2013 at a crowded Detroit barbershop led to the Rochester Hills home of Larry Walker II.

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Police wanted to question Walker about the shooting, but he took off, leading officers on a car chase. When he was finally arrested officers say he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

He was not charged in the barbershop shooting, but was charged with fleeing and eluding. Now, federal investigators say Walker tried to commit more crimes while he was in police custody.

"He sends a letter to his girlfriend, or his confederate, asking her to find an 'electrician' to help burn down the house, but he doesn't want it to look like arson," said legal expert Neil Rockind.

Rockind has been a prosecutor and a local criminal defense attorney for decades. He said rule No. 1 is not to say or write anything down which you don't want police to hear. Walker allegedly broke that rule.

"That's on page one of what not to do when you're in custody," said Rockind.

In a handwritten letter obtained by the Local 4 Defenders, Walker writes to a friend, "I need an electrician who can make a fire look like an accident," writing if it is ruled an arson he can't get paid.

Agents say they have evidence Walker was running a drug operation from behind bars, something that won't sit well with the sentencing judge.

"If there's an award for dumb criminal acts, this is in the top four or five," said Rockind.

Walker remains behind bars while his federal case moves through court.