Vigil held for boys killed in wreck on Detroit's east side

More than 300 people crowd football field at Martin Luther High School


DETROIT – More than 300 people crowded the football field at Martin Luther High School on Friday to remember two boys killed in a wreck on Detroit's east side.

The accident happened Tuesday night.

Mlinzi McMillian, 12, and his stepbrother, 16-year-old Jalen Jemison, were being driven home from their Police Athletic League football practice by Mlinzi McMillian Sr. when the '72 Chevelle they were in slammed into the back of a semi.


Both boys were killed in the accident.

It's plunged friends, family and the entirety of the PAL program into mourning.

"I lost two of my little brothers, I loved them so, so much," said Jason Jemison.

The crowd prayed, shared remembrances and lit candles. One man in the 300 didn't know the family but came anyway.

Montgomery McCants was one of the first people who stumbled on the accident. He ran to help and to see if he could revive the boys.

"I was able to at least get them out of the car. I was worried the car was going to blow," McCants said.

McCants told them to hang on, but it was simply too late.

"I'm holding these children's spirits on me so hard," he said. "I'm not really even sleeping, but for me to come here and see the support they had, it means the world to me."

McMillian Sr. survived the accident. He's still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

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