2 doctors bonded by cancer now give back at Children's Hospital

DETROIT – Dr. Jeffrey Taub understands there is life after cancer. He spent his teenage years at the Children's Hospital Michigan winning his own fight against the disease.

"I remember being woken up very early in the morning with teams of doctors who would come in to check on you, and then check on you again, draw blood on you, and draw blood on you again," he said.

Now, Taub is the director of pediatric hematology/oncology at the very same hospital. And on Tuesday, he welcomed a new resident doctor that already has a special place in his heart.

Dr. Elana Ackerman is Taub's niece. She's also one of his former leukemia patients.


"It's really great to feel like you're really helping kids grow up, and see them grow up. I'm sure it's great for the doctors here to see that their former patients grow up and help make a difference in the world," Ackerman said.

Taub and Ackerman's stories of survival and unique return to give back at the hospital is inspiring other leukemia patients.

When Eli was diagnosed with leukemia, it could have dashed the hopes of his parents. But seeing the promise that those who survive do thrive, touches them.

"It's a glimpse of what we pray for and hope for. It kind of puts that extra layer of hope and reassurance that we're going to be fine and we're going to beat this," said Eli's father, Todd Anglebrandt.

It's meaningful message that Taub said he, Ackerman and the other doctors will continue to work towards.  

"When you come home, you have a smile on your face because you know that you have done something good for someone else's child," Taub said.