Man pushes woman, child out of van with Detroit police in pursuit

DETROIT – Detroit police vehicles were in hot pursuit of a man on the run Tuesday.

The man allegedly stole a minivan with a woman and her 3-year-old daughter inside. It wasn't a carjacking, police say.

With police in pursuit, the man pulled over and pushed the woman and child out of the vehicle. Eventually, he bailed out and took off on foot. He was spotted about three blocks away by a resident who said it just didn't look right.

"Then when I had seen him go past, and I had seen a couple (police officers) already go that way, so I knew that's who they were looking for. It just didn't look right," said the man, who did not want to be named in this story.

Police were swarming the neighborhood, so he didn't have to look far for help.

"I saw him, yeah, he had his shirt off. Then he came back out of the alley and I'm looking for (police), saying, 'Come on,' flagging them down," he said.

Police quickly moved in.

"They boxed him in and one of them threw him up against a car, and that's a wrap right there," said the man.

The woman and the child both were taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries. Their specific conditions are not known at this time, but appears they did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

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