New search for leads in Armada teen's murder

Swarms of police cover 3 checkpoints in Armada looking for leads

VILLAGE OF ARMADA, Mich. – One week to the hour 14-year-old April Millsap left to take her border collie for a walk, swarms of police covered three checkpoints in Armada.

It looked like a roadblock, but it was what police call a rolling canvas. They're looking for new leads in the murder of the teenager.

Millsap's body was found in a drainage ditch along Macomb's Orchard Trail last Thursday evening.

Tips have slowed to a trickle in the case since Wednesday. Both Michigan State Police and the FBI served a search warrant in connection with the Millsap case at a home in Wales Township. Two men were at the home and police took out clothing, computers and a variety of other items, including 15 marijuana plants.

It's the marijuana plants that got both men at the home arrested -- not anything to do with Millsap's case. Police are still going over all the evidence collected at the home to see if they come up with a connection to Millsap.

Armada Chief of Police Howard Smith said they are still looking for leads in the case and that Thursday night's rolling canvas was successful.

Millsap's funeral is scheduled for Friday. So far no one is in custody in connection with her murder.

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