Rain brings floods to Grosse Pointes, St. Clair Shores

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. – It didn't take long for pockets of rain to leave their mark in St. Clair Shores and the Grosse Pointes. Families there are dealing with flooded streets and flooded basements. Some people were even seen out in boats.

"The hail came, then the lightning, thunder and wind. It didn't stop for about 45 minutes," said one man. "We had to give a couple of people a ride.

Even an ambulance got stuck in floodwaters. But Scott Foster made the best of it -- he went kayaking right in front of his home.

"They thought I was crazy," Foster said. "(I) said today at work I wanted to go out kayaking, so I got to do it."

"I figured I better give them their meal, so I walked eight blocks," said Dennis Fletcher, who works for Jimmy John's. "It is what it is -- my job. Got to do what I got to do."