Voter turnout expected to be low

Primary review

DETROIT – Here we go -- polls will open at 7 a.m. Tuesday. The turnout is expected to be terribly low, perhaps as low as 15 percent. The experts blame that on now primary challenges in the races at the top of the ticket. Still, there is some major maneuvering going on in several races.

The race that's generated the most vitriol and cash is the Democratic primary for Wayne County Executive. Scandals that have plagued current Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano's administration have been dragging him down in the polls -- in some cases, dead last.

Former Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans has been consistently polling at the top of the pack. Nothing solidifies your status as frontrunner like attack ads and Evans has been the target of that on TV and radio.

The race in the Democratic primary in Michigan's 14th Congressional District is heating up, with a three-way dogfight between former Rep. Hansen Clarke, State Rep. Rudy Hobbs and Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence.

Clarke and Lawrence have name ID, but Hobbs has the high-profile endorsements.

"You have a good organization behind Rudy Hobbs, a good organization behind Brenda Lawrence and maybe a not as strong one behind Hansen. So, where he might have been in the lead very early on, I think a lot of people are actually catching up to Clarke in these latter days of the election," said political consultant Dennis Darnoi.

And then there's Proposal 1, which is asking voters if they support repealing Michigan's Personal Property Tax on businesses. While there's been no organized opposition, people are confused over the ballot language. Polling suggests it could go either way.

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