Ecorse police will pursue charges for false report in teen's abduction


ECORSE, Mich. – The Ecorse Police Department is pursuing charges in the case of an 18-year-old who falsely reported her abduction.

Detective Lt. Gregory Blade said he interviewed Hayley Turner after she was found Friday on a street corner in the city after allegedly being abducted the night before in her hometown of Bedford Township.

"There were a lot of questions that couldn't be answered. I don't think the young lady was being very truthful with me during the investigation," Blade said. "You don't get confused about telling the truth."

Police originally reported that Turner had been on the phone with a friend last Thursday night when she said she was being followed by a man who had a gun. Her car was found abandoned and still running at Crabb and Dean roads in Bedford Township. The following afternoon, Turner was found in Ecorse on a street corner.

"At no time was she in any danger," said Ecorse Police Chief Mike Moore. He added that someone "friendly" had been with Turner the whole time and the two were trying to get to Detroit, but their "calculations were off."

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Moore wouldn't comment on who the person Turner was with, or if they would be facing any charges. Moore said his department would turn over its investigation to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, which is spearheading the case. Charges could be issued in both Monroe County and Wayne County.

Moore said the city used a lot of resources on the case.

"My frustration was very high because we're in a cash-strapped city ... we can't afford to spend any dollars unncessarily," he said.