Man drags motorcycle under moving train in effort to flee Trenton police

20-year-old biker astonishes police, witnesses with daring move on railroad tracks

TRENTON, Mich. – Slow-moving trains have long annoyed people who drive in Trenton.

It's safe to say that no one hates them more than 20-year-old Marcco Hill.

According to Trenton police, an officer spotted Hill on a Suzuki motorcycle doing 93 miles per hour. The biker ignored the lights and sirens. He headed west on Van Horn Road, weaved through traffic and ran a red light. He was pulling away, but he had a big problem. A train was blocking his escape.

Joe Croft, who was waiting for the train at the Van Horn crossing, described what happened next.

"T(He) locked up the back brake on the bike. He was fish-tailing and lost control of it," said Croft.

He actually hit the train at slow speed. You would think the escape was over, but you'd be wrong. The biker astonished police and civilians by dragging the bike under the train to the other side.

"He pulled it clear from underneath the train before he (would have been) run over by the wheels of the train, stood the bike up, straddled onto the bike. He was trying to start the bike and continue to take off and run from the police," said Croft.

The officer was unable to get across. Again, you'd think the pursuit was over, but no. The officer took out his Taser and shot under the train, hitting his target. The train blocked the view, but the biker went down and was taken into custody.

"That's just sheer stupidity," said Croft. "He should have never been running from the police that way."

Trenton police will review the pursuit, which is their standard procedure.

Hill was wearing a helmet but risked his life crossing under the train. He is free on bond.


If he would have stopped for the police he would have faced a fine of a few hundred dollars. Instead, he's charged with fleeing and eluding -- a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison.