3 Taylor men charged in connection to home invasions

Former Taylor detective spots duo during crime, calls police

TAYLOR, Mich. – Three Taylor men were arrested in connection with home invasions in the city's northeast neighborhoods, according to police.

The men were charged Thursday in 23rd District Court and are being held on $250,000 bonds, Taylor police said.

Michael Jones, 20, and Shaun Anderson, 20, were charged in connection with a home invasion that happened June 26 in the 8200 block of Huron Street. Police said both are charged with first-degree home invasion, felony firearm, larceny in a building, larceny of a firearm and receiving and concealing a firearm.

Anderson faces an additional charge of receiving and concealing stolen property between $1,000 and 20,000, police said.

Jones and Anderson are also charged, along with 19-year-old Malik Thomas, in the Aug. 7 break-in of a home in the 8300 block of Harding Street. It alleged that the three broke into the home stealing guns, jewelry and televisions, police said.

Jones, Anderson and Thomas are charged with first-degree home invasion, felony firearm, larceny in a building, larceny of a firearm, receiving and concealing stolen property valued between $1,000 and $20,000. Police said Anderson faces an additional charge of receiving and concealing a stolen firearm in this case. They face preliminary examinations in 23rd District Court on Sept. 2.

Since May police have received increased reports of home invasions in the area of Ecorse west of Monroe Street and north of Wick Road.

Police said investigators had been working trying to develop leads, but it wasn't until a retired Taylor police officer spotted two of the men checking out his house and going through his mailbox that the case started coming together.

On Aug. 10, Thomas and an uncharged teen approached the home of the former officer in the area of Pardee Road and Hayes Street. Police said former Taylor detective Rich Todd and his neighbors saw the two casing his home and called police.

The two fled the area and the former officer followed the duo while calling in the information to Taylor police. Police said the two were apprehended by officers.

Once in custody, officers discovered an empty holster being worn by one of the suspects, as well as zip ties and gloves. Police said a revolver was found in the yard near where the suspects were fleeing. A subsequent series of interviews and search warrants led to the identity of the other members of the home invasion ring, authorities said.

Chief Mary Sclabassi commended her officers for their great police work in identifying the home invasion ring and said, "But it couldn't have happened without our retired officer and his neighbors being so observant and calling in the suspicious activity right away. This is what we mean when we say we need the community to help us by being our eyes and ears."

Sclabassi said she may not encourage residents to follow suspects as in this case.

"Detective Todd had the training and experience to do so safely," said Sclabassi.

Sclabassi added investigators are reviewing evidence in previous home invasions in the area and that there will be additional warrant requests submitted to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office on the three men.