Home of Steve Utash's son ransacked

Joe Utash home ransack
Joe Utash home ransack

DETROIT – While the family of Steve Utash continues to focus on his recovery following a brutal beating in April, the home of Steve's son, Joe Utash, was ransacked by thieves Saturday night.

A window was broken, a door was kicked in, a TV was smashed, jewelry and cash were taken and even prescription medication is now missing.

Joe Utash, who shares the home with his fiancée and daughter, said what's most troubling is that the thieves totally trashed his little girl's room. And the money they saved for her birthday party, for rent and to cover all the monthly bills is now gone.

The Utash family has dealt with plenty of heartache after Joe's father Steve was the victim of a brutal beating in Detroit. Now, Joe Utash said he thinks there may be a connection.

Police were called to Joe Utash's home and an investigation is now underway.

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