Water shutoffs resume in Detroit

Water department says more than 400 delinquent customers have paid bill in full or worked out payment plan


DETROIT – Valerie Robbins owns a two-family flat with four tenants. They are behind on rent which means she hasn't been able to keep up with the water bill for the property.

With a shutoff looming, she was in line Tuesday morning at the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department planning to pay out-of-pocket to keep her tenants' water turned on.

"I'm trying to make sure that they have water. They have children and I'm trying to help them keep the roof over their head. I'm not able to get any assistance but if I could I would appreciate if there was someone out there to help me to help them," said Robbins.

On Tuesday, water department crews resumed turning off service for customers with delinquent accounts after the nearly month-long water shutoff moratorium ended Monday.

About 800 customers were set to have water cut off on Tuesday, but more than half of those customers have now paid in full or worked out a payment plan.

Water department spokeswoman Curtrise Garner says the moratorium was a success.

"People have been patiently waiting in lines. People have said, 'You know, I have 10 percent,' a few people came in and said, 'I don't have it, but I will have it in a few days,' and as we've always said if you let us know there is an affordability problem, we are willing to work with you, and that's what we've done the entire month," said Garner.