High winds down trees in Wayne

Resident's van smashed by fallen tree

WAYNE, Mich. – High winds are being blamed for uprooting a massive 100-year-old Silver Maple tree in Wayne. The tree came crashing down and completely crushed Marge Stetler's minivan.

"We had a big gust of wind and I thought the awnings were coming off the house," Stetler said.

When she ran to look, the tree in her front yard was stretched across Williams Street, squashing her minivan and taking out a portion of the neighbor's fence.

Stetler's minivan had already had a hard row to hoe. During the first round of flooding two weeks ago the van got caught on Van Born Road.

"The water came into the car and right up to the seats," Stetler said.

The minivan was just drying off and the insurance adjuster had called Tuesday afternoon to tell Stetler he'd be out on Friday to inspect her car.

Now there's nothing but a wad of metal to look at and a new vehicle in Stetler's future.

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