It's A Local 4 Free Friday!

Enter to win a one year subscription of homeschool !


·         Value of each prize:  $420 per year ($35 per month)

·         Restrictions  -  limit to 6 members per account


·         Located in Farmington Hills

·         Mango Languages is the leader in language learning through your Public Library.

·         Mango offers over 60 languages including Pirate and 17 ESL courses

·         Integrated culture and grammar notes help you understand the language and the meaning behind certain phrases or use of words.  This makes you sound more natural to someone you speak with and makes you understand culture faster.

·         Mango offers multiple specialty courses, from Romantic Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, to Oktoberfest and even Irish for St Patrick's day, you can prepare for speak like a Pirate day with our Pirate course or just get a quick lesson on some language & culture.

·         You can learn a language while watching a movie!!!: With Mango Premiere you absorb the culture of the language while enjoying a foreign film.

o   Mango creates custom subtitles to allow you to understand meaning of the root and target words via Semantic Color Mapping.

o   This also offers Stealth Grammar, you learn sentence structure in your target language subconsciously.

·         Go to www.TryMango.com, try some of our courses or go to your Public Library 

Contest Ends Sept 4, 2014

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