4 to watch for lame duck


DETROIT – As the state legislature counts down the days to its lame duck session, there are four big policy items being discussed behind closed doors. Will any of them make it through? Maybe.

Lame Duck is typically where you see a lot of political drama and intrigue. Just two years ago Michigan passed controversial right-to-work legislation during the lame duck session. Up for discussion right now -- a gas tax to fix our roads, gay protection, changing or ending term limits and changing how Michigan's electoral votes are divvied up.

"Lame Duck is a crazy time, especially now when you're losing both Legislative leaders. I think the potential for a bombshell in terms of Legislation is definitely out there," said political strategist Dennis Darnoi.

Of the four policy issues being discussed behind closed doors, Darnoi said he sees the gas tax to fix our roads as the one with the greater chance of passage. Remember there was a contentious debate in the Legislature earlier this year over whether to raise the tax on gas to pay for our pothole filled roads. It failed, but look for it to be resurrected in Lame Duck.

Changes to the state's civil rights law to include protections for gays, and transgendered people is a harder sell. Darnoi puts the odds on that making it through at 50-50. As far as the other two, he said he sees those as dreams. Then again, right-to-work was viewed as an impossibility for years. Never say never.

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