Sterling Heights residents warned to be aware of thieves


STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – Folks in Sterling Heights are being asked to keep a close eye on their vehicles after thieves have been smashing right through car windows and taking anything they can get their hands on.

"People are crazy," said one victim, Kristine Cyetkovski. "They just snatch it and go. They're not rummaging through anything."

Cvetkovski lives in a neighborhood near Dequindre and 19 mile.

"It seems to happen in the early morning," Cvetkovski said.

Friday morning she came out to her car to find glass shattered everywhere. Her driver's side window was smashed, her purse, jewelry and a laptop all gone.

"The reaction was normal because it's happened so many times," Cvetkovski said.

Three times to be exact. But in the latest heist the culprits were on a spree, hitting three other houses on the same block.

Investigators said in one case the thieves cut the window out and removed it to steal iPads, a purse, jewelry and a GPS unit.

And there were even more reports of car break-ins from over the weekend. Thieves hit the 36000 block of Samoa Drive, near Metropolitan Parkway and Schoenherr Road, Warwickshire Drive, the 8000 block of Hampshire, Bimini Court and Tetley Drive.

"You feel like you're safe at home. It's insane to come up to someone's house."