Surge of 'Detroit City' T-shirt sales leads to donations to ALS patients

Pure Detroit donates $3,000 to 3 Detroit families


DETROIT – What started with the sighting of a celebrity wearing a "Detroit City" T-shirt has turned into a generous outpouring of support for ALS patients.
Sales of Pure Detroit's T-shirt skyrocketed after Ben Affleck wore it during his ice bucket challenge, which was part of a viral fundraising campaign for the ALS Association.


The company used some of the surge in sale money to give $3,000 each to three local ALS patients. One of them was 24-year-old Thomas Green.

"It's very hard to see your son who was so full of life now be in a bed and he's lost the ability to walk and talk," said Green's mother, Linda.


Despite their struggle, Green and his mother decided to give their donation to Cynthia Simmons, who was diagnosed last year with ALS.

Simmons, a widow, is a sewing instructor who is also raising a son.

"When my hands went out, I was really kind of disappointed," she said.

The Green family said they know how hard it is to live with ALS.

"If that money will help another family, then maybe it'll make their burden just a little bit lighter," Linda Green said.

In addition to the donation from Pure Detroit and the Greens, Simmons was also given $2,500 by ALS of Michigan.

"This will be a blessing for a wheelchair ramp. I'll be able to get in and out of the house, because I like to get out and see the sunshine," Simmons said.