End of Orr era as Detroit exits bankruptcy

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's term ends this weekend


DETROIT – It's almost over: Detroit is in the final stages of exiting from the largest Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing in U.S. history.

The best estimate on when it's all signed, sealed and delivered is the end of October or mid-November.

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Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has quarterbacked this process, but his term ends this weekend.

Detroit City Council and Mayor Mike Duggan met behind closed doors Tuesday to discuss his exit and the transition.

While some Detroit politicians have suggested he should be shown the door ASAP irrespective of whether bankruptcy is over or not, cooler heads appear to be prevailing.

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Sources told Local 4 there will be an orderly transition, and Orr will be in place in some capacity until it's all done.

The judge overseeing the case has made it clear he frowns on talk of showing Orr and the team of lawyers maneuvering the city bankruptcy the door until all is said and done.

Could we see a symbolic vote ending Orr's tenure shortly? Yes, but he would still remain in some capacity.

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How the city exits from this tumultuous time signals how it will do business in the future. One thing is clear: The city's elected leadership is about to get the checkbook back.

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