Everything on track: Spectacular weather continues


Okay, folks, this once again is going to be a pretty short, sweet and simple forecast. 

The upper level ridge of high pressure should protect us from any precipitation probably through Wednesday of next week.  That means seven more days of sunny or mostly sunny skies, with high temperatures in the mid 70s. 

Overnight lows should moderate slightly…starting off in the mid to upper 40s tonight, and then into the low 50s for the next few days, before creeping into the mid 50s by next week.

As I said yesterday, this is your chance to get out and enjoy some amazing fall weather, and I hope you do. 

By the way, somebody today asked me if this is "Indian Summer."  The short answer is no. Indian Summer is a stretch of above average temperatures that occurs AFTER the first official frost of the season, which we have not yet had.

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