Piles of trash left after solid waste company burns


WARREN, Mich. – A pile of trash is causing a stinky situation in one Warren neighborhood. People living nearby have been complaining, and they have reason to -- laws are being broken.

In a video from July 12, the Metro Sanitation Transfer station in Warren can been seen going up in flames, burning to the ground.

Now, undercover cameras showed piles and piles of trash just out in the open and uncovered.

"It's stinks so bad you have to go in your house," said one nearby resident.

According to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the land is not in compliance with the state's rules.

"Those rules include operating inside of the building and removing all of the waste at the end of the night and removing that waste from the building and making sure that waste at the very least is enclosed and in containers," said a representative with the department.

Through some research, Local 4 learned that Metro Sanitation, who only brings in commercial waste, is what you call an exempt type A transfer station, meaning they don't need a license from the state and the DEQ doesn't come out to inspect on a regular basis. But they are still bound by the state operating laws.

Local 4 spoke with the attorney for Metro Sanitation, who said because of the recent storms it's been difficult to remove all of the trash, but that it should all be cleaned up in the next 30 days. Those who live next to the facility said those 30 days can't come soon enough.

"The smell is horrible. I can't tell you how many times I've been out here, kids playing, and I have to run them inside because I'm ready to throw up," the resident said. "It's bad. The dust flies all over."

The facility has been moved to Topher Street, just a block over. The attorney said Metro Sanitation is trying not to take in more trash at the old facility, but Wednesday night Local 4 cameras were rolling as even more trash was found.

The state now plans to investigate this stinky situation. 

"A situation like that can cause odors, potential run-off might be an issue -- (a) nuisance to the community," a resident said.