One-on-one with ice dancer Meryl Davis


PLYMOUTH, Mich. – This year has been a big one for Michigan-native Meryl Davis.

First, she won Olympic gold for ice dancing.

Then she went on an international whirlwind tour of TV appearances, which included a stop at Local 4, and won the Women's Sports Foundation's sports woman of the year award.

So what could possibly be next for the superstar? Spending some time at home in Plymouth.

"I really like to ride my bike downtown, hop into the yoga studio down the street. My favorite pizza place is down there," Davis said in a recent interview with Local 4's Karen Drew. But she adds she doesn't get to spend as much time as she would like doing those things. She's taking online college classes and traveling with her performance partner, Charlie White.

"Well, Charlie and I are doing shows pretty much nonstop from now until the spring, which is great. It's exciting. It's a very different way to approach skating. You know, it's more performance based, more dance based, and we're getting a chance to really explore different types of music and different types of movement that we didn't do in competition," Davis said.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White talk with the morning team about how it feels to win gold.
Meryl Davis and Charlie White talk with the morning team about how it feels to win gold.

Earlier this year, Davis won a dance competition reality show and rumors flew about a possible romance with her dancing partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

"I mean, I definitely like to keep a lot of privacy in that department of my life," Davis said.

While the 27-year-old may be tight-lipped on her personal life, she's more eager to tell how she's taking this time to consider other interests.

"I think that a really important thing for young people to remember is you really don't have to pick one thing and let it define you," Davis said. "I've always been really interested in some sort of journalism or communications. I always had this idea that I wanted to work for National Geographic magazine."

She and White are this year's grand marshals of America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit.

"I think just growing up in this area, it's a really special thing for us to be able to do this year," Davis said.

The duo will also be co-hosting Live in the D on Local 4 Tuesday.