Fire forces dozens out of Woodcrest Apartments in Westland

Fire spread through attic at apartment complex


WESTLAND, Mich. – More than 40 people are left without a home after a fire Monday at the Woodcrest Apartments.

It's more than likely everything they own is destroyed, but at least no injuries have been reported.

Property maintenance was working on a stove in one unit before shutting it off. Then, minutes later, they reported the fire was shooting through the roof of the building. It was in the attic and spreading from end-to-end. Monday's heavy wind was whipping the flames across the building.

"Forty mile an hour winds at some points, and it spread the fire along the top in the attic space, and it got out of control," said Kelly Eggers, assistant chief with the Wayne-Westland Fire Association.

Joel Weidenbeck lost everything he owns, but he's thankful his daughter Lydia wasn't home when the fire broke out. He's also thankful his dog Bella was saved.

"I haven't let her go all night, and I haven't seen my daughter," he said.

His daughter is safe. She spent the night at a friend's house. Wiedenbeck said he was one of the lucky ones at Woodcrest. He has renter's insurance. Moreover, the apartment management is offering him another unit for his family to move into.


Fire investigators continue to look for a cause.

Meanwhile, the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross are working to help the people displaced by this fire.


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