Brandon High School ups security after shooting threat

Threat posted by anonymous user on Afterschool app


ORTONVILLE, Mich. – Brandon High School has implemented extra security measures Tuesday after school officials were notified about threatening messages that were posted on the social media application called the "Afterschool app" late Monday night.

The district sent a message to parents last week about the application because of the anonymous nature of the posting and the troubles it caused with harassment and bullying at schools in the area.

When officials learned of the threat Monday night, authorities began examining the threat and the district put a number of security measures in place, working with the Oakland County Sheriff's department.

Officials from the Afterschool app are cooperating with the district and officers to try to identify the individual that posted the messages.

Here is the message sent to Brandon High School parents Tuesday morning:

"Last night, we were notified of threatening messages that were posted on the Afterschool app that I sent the message on last week. This is the application that allows people to post messages anonymously and is causing issues across the country at this time (bullying and harassment mostly). While the application and anonymous nature of the messages is new, the prevalence of such threats has increased greatly over the past few years as student pranksters use this as an attempt to get school canceled. Law enforcement has protocols that help assess the severity of each threat and offer recommendations to schools in response. Law enforcement has assessed this threat and have been working with Mr. Stevens and staff to implement all of the necessary security protocols for students and staff tomorrow. While this is likely a disturbing prank, we are taking this very seriously and will take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all of our students.

We apologize for the need for this message, but thank you for your understanding. If you have additional information that may help with the apprehension of this individual or other information related to school safety, please contact your school's principal or the superintendent's office right away."

Authorities are continuing to work on the case and hope to have the culprit identified by the end of the day Tuesday.

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