Detroit firefighters rescue dangling window washer


DETROIT – Take a look at this cellphone video sent in by a Local 4 viewer.

By the time the camera started rolling Wednesday morning, the window washer finally could relax. Detroit firefighters weren't going to let him fall.

The man was cleaning windows at a building in the 900 block of Henry Street in Detroit when something went wrong with his gear. He was left hanging several feet up the air. When firefighters arrived they quickly raised the ladder. Some of them went inside to help with the rescue, manning the windows.

As they worked to get him down the bucket of water turned over. Minutes later, the window washer was back on the ground and the workers in the office building -- and the one across the street -- went back to work after taking a break to watch this rescue unfold.

The window washer wasn't injured. He didn't want to talk on camera.