Bashara trial closing arguments nearly complete

Bob Bashara during closing arguments (12/10/2014)
Bob Bashara during closing arguments (12/10/2014) (ClickOnDetroit.com)

DETROIT – Bob Bashara entered the courtroom Wednesday morning and was all smiles before the defense began.

The smile vanished when prosecutor Lisa Lindsey started to address the jury.

"He created one world. He was living in another. Those two worlds ended up colliding, and when those two worlds collided Jane Bashara ended up dead," said Lindsey.

The prosecution said the life he created revolved around "Master Bob" and his desire to maintain control and create a new life with his mistress. The prosecution used Bob's own words to tell pat of the story. First, pointing out how Bob worked to get police to investigate other theories, such as his wife Jane's alleged drug use and that she may have been killed by a drug dealer.

Bob's own emails took center stage and revealed his intense desire to be with his mistress and not his wife.

"He would say anything and do anything to be with Rachel Gillett. Several people have indicated such," said Lindsey.

Bob's connection to Joe Gentz -- the calls, the text message and the desire to take him out -- was pointed out once again to jurors.

Bob Bashara's legal team came out swinging.

Watch: Bashara's attorneys make final case to jurors

The defense argued why would Bob want his wife killed is she knew he was cheating? They stressed over and over again to the jury that Bob's secret sex life was not a motive for murder. Why would it be? The defense claims Jane knew for years Bob was "kinky."

The defense admits Bob has major financial problems but he knew his wife had a job and savings. Why, they argue, would he want to take out his wife? She had a steady stream of income.

The defense reminded jurors that Gentz has confessed to the murder of Jane and while there was constant contact between Bob Bashara and Gentz before Jane was murdered, there is no hard evidence that Bashara had any involvement in his wife's murder.

Jury instructions are next and a verdict could be reached as early as Friday.


Jane Bashara was found strangled on Jan. 25, 2012 inside her SUV that was parked in a Detroit alley, a few miles from the family's Grosse Pointe Park home.

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Joe Gentz, who worked as a handyman for Bob Bashara, has pleaded guilty to killing her, but saying he did so at her husband's behest.

Bob Bashara is already in prison after being convicted of trying to hire a hit man to kill Gentz.

Gentz did not testify in the trial against Bob.

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