Flashpoint: Rick Snyder discusses issues around Detroit, state of Michigan

Adam Leeb also joins show to introduce Hemingwrite invention


DETROIT – In this episode of Flashpoint, Governor Rick Snyder joined Devin Scillian to talk about the latest news from the lame duck session.

First, Snyder discussed one of the most pressing issues facing Michigan: the state of the roads. Snyder addressed the notion that competing ideas about what steps should be taken in regards to the roads has made it more difficult to come to a solution. He said that now is a good time to get to work on the roads because many new political members are coming into office and there have been constructive discussions on which steps to take next.

Snyder said it's obvious that Michigan needs to improve the condition of its roads and that everyone has to pay in some form to contribute to the road improvement. He cited fuel taxes, registration fees and truck weights as possible ways to raise money for the roads.

"There's a good opportunity here," Snyder said. "And as we started, I think if you just step back, and logically, we should get something done. Now the question is does the political overlay of people playing politics, or the political world, distort things enough where we don't? Well that would be troubling."

Snyder also talked about some of the other issues facing Michigan, like work on a bridge between Michigan and Canada.

You can watch the first segment with Snyder in the video posted above.

After the first break, Devin asked Snyder about electoral voting and whether all the votes should go to the candidate that wins Michigan's vote or if the votes should be split up.

Snyder said that discussion should take place in a few years when there's less of a bias toward one political party.

Snyder also addressed other issues around Detroit and the state of Michigan. The discussion continued to include the political and financial state of Michigan and more specific topics like the turnaround of Detroit.

Click on the video posted below to watch the entire second segment.


In the final segment, Adam Leeb joined the show to talk about his Hemingwrite, a simple device designed specifically to help people write and with distraction-free driving in mind.

Leeb talked about using his device as a drafting tool that can save work to the cloud, which can then send work to a laptop or other device. He said the reaction to his writing tool has been positive, and a wide variety of people have already expressed interest in purchasing a Hemingwrite.

You can visit the Hemingwrite website by clicking here. The interview with Leeb is below.