Metro Detroit semitruck driver speaks about Cincinnati bridge collapse

Bridge collapsed on top of semitruck on I-75 in Cincinnati


WALLED LAKE, Mich. – A man who was behind the wheel of a semitruck when a bridge collapsed on top of it is speaking about the very close call.

It happened Monday along I-75 in Cincinnati, but the driver is from metro Detroit.

As Eric Meyers looks through the pictures of what's left of the semitruck he was driving, he can't help but to be thankful.

"I was only going 45 (mph)," said Meyers. "I was crying about my daughter when I thought I would never see her again, and she would never know her dad. You know, she's only six."

The Walled Lake Western graduate was driving on I-75 in Cincinnati when an overpass that was undergoing demolition collapsed.

"I was in the left lane. It took a few minutes for the cars to let me back in and if it wasn't for that there would have been cars on the bridge. It just so happened that I take off slower and by the time I hit it, there were no cars in front of me," Meyers said. "It looked like it was 3 feet in front of me when it started to fall. It was so close I saw both sides just break and start to fall down and I thought it was going to come through the windshield."

Grainy video from a traffic camera shows the moment the bridge began to fall. Meyers slammed into the overpass as the debris landed. He got out of the truck with only minor injuries.

"I was worried about someone hitting me. That's the first thing that came in my mind is someone is going to hit me and push me into this bridge," said Meyers.

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