Video shows Gibraltar gas station burglary

Police: Burglar steals 2 cash register drawers from Rich Gas station


GIBRALTAR, Mich. – Police are investigating after a burglar was caught on camera stealing cash from a Gibraltar gas station.

The break-in happened around 3:46 a.m. Tuesday at the Rich Gas station at 29140 N. Gibraltar Road.

Two people were involved in the burglary. Police said one of the male burglars was seen walking around outside the gas station, watching for police, while the other male burglar attempted to enter through the front door of the store.

The burglar tried to enter the gas station at the front door by breaking the glass, but then decided to break out a window 15 feet away from the front door. Police said he then crawled through and entered the store.

The burglar took two cash register drawers, but did not take any cigarettes, lottery tickets or other valuable items, police said.

Anyone who can help identify the burglar is asked to call the Gibraltar Police Department at 734-676-1022.