Riverview police use tags to help residents prevent crime


RIVERVIEW, Mich. – Riverview police are using green tags to help residents know when they're setting themselves up to become a victim of crime.

Lt. Joseph Jakubus said officers who are on patrol and happen to notice something like an open fence door, unlocked car or valuable property that has been left out unsecured will tag it with a crime prevention notice.

Jakubus said Riverview is one of the safest cities in the state, and he wants to keep it that way.

"Riverview is known as one of the top three communities in the state of Michigan and ultimately our goal is to achieve the No. 1 spot," Jakubus said.

The green tags are more than a crime prevention tool; police are also using them to warn residents about coyotes.

They have become a problem over the last few weeks.

Florence Coleman thinks she takes all the necessary precautions to stay safe, but she said she's glad officers are being proactive.

"We are all scared. There are a lot of seniors on this street. Well, not too many anymore. I think it is fantastic idea. this way they know," she said.