Meridian Winter Blast attracts huge crowds in downtown Detroit

Event features zip lining, ice skating, 200-foot drop, food

DETROIT – The dead of winter isn't usually prime time for outdoor events, but downtown Detroit was jamming Friday night for the Meridian Winter Blast. There's still plenty of time to check things out.

For the past 10 years Winter Blast has attracted metro Detroiters both old and young to our exciting revitalized downtown area.

"I went to see them sing and stuff, and I got pizza and a crown," said Lamaya Glover.

There are all sorts of things to see and do. If you get a little chilly, there are games and other activities inside. Outside, there's everything from zip lining to ice skating. If you love sweet treats, this is the spot.

"My favorite part is getting my face painted because it was so good," said Braelynn Yanas.

"Going down the slide, that was the best," said Ayla Yanas.

The snow slide is perhaps the biggest attraction with a 200-foot drop. It's recommended to come early because the lines are long for the attraction.

The huge crowds of people that the event attracts means good economic news for the city's surrounding bars and restaurants. It's great for other Michigan companies, too, like Mystic Kettle.

"Our focus is and we're a part of Buy Michigan Now, and what better way to do that than with Winter Blast 2015," said Randy Lipman, of Mystic Kettle.

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