Westland police arrest man accused of viewing child pornography in a library


WESTLAND, Mich. – Westland Police have arrested a man accused of viewing child pornography while using a computer in the Westland Public Library.

The act was witnessed by high school students who reported it to the library staff.

The police investigated the incident and contacted the suspect, Dean Morrow, and confirmed he was in fact viewing and printing pornographic child material.

A search warrant was executed at his Westland apartment which revealed hundreds of child pornographic material.

Morrow was arrested by Westland Police Detectives. The Wayne County Prosecutors Office issued him a three count felony warrant for possession of child sexually abusive material. He will be arraigned on Friday at 1:30 p.m. in the 18th District Court.

Morrow later disclosed to Westland detectives that he has been searching for child pornography at other local libraries also.

The Westland Police Department is working in partnership with other local libraries to further their investigation.