M-1 RAIL releases renderings of Penske Tech Center

19,000 square-foot facility housing tech systems and vehicles


DETROIT – M-1 RAIL has released conceptual renderings of the Penske Tech Center facility, the brain of the streetcar's technology systems and home for vehicles.

The tech center will be located between Bethune and Custer streets, housing  the technology systems, vehicles and operation teams at the northern end of the 3.3-mile streetcar system.

The center will be nearly 19,000 square feet and was designed with community members' recommendations in mind such as the use of red brick, decorative metal fencing, proper lighting and landscaping preferences.

"We have communicated extensively with the residents and business owners from the neighborhood where the Tech Center will be located, and their input has been invaluable in making sure that the new Tech Center becomes a vibrant part of the community," said Paul Childs, chief operating officer, M-1 RAIL. "From the types of vegetation we use on the grounds, to the building's actual design and location on the property, the voices from the community have given M-1 RAIL terrific guidance."

The construction is underway and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

The facility is named in recognition of Roger Penske's leadership role as a board member of M-1 RAIL and the Penske Corporation as a major donor to the project.

The cost to design and build the center is estimated to be $6.9 million.

Nearly 60 percent of the subcontractors hired to construct the center are based in Detroit, with a goal for 51 percent of the construction workers who build the center to be Detroit residents.