Graphic testimony given in Eastpointe newborn death case

Baby was found by workers at a recycling plant in Roseville


MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. – Angela Alexie sat and listened Friday as a Roseville recycling plant worker described seeing the body of an infant baby boy.

"It just like grabbed my ... it just grabbed my heart. I knew something wasn't right. He was like in a curled position, curled up like he was trying to be warm, and there was a little bit of debris on him. I said, 'That's a real baby, stop the line, stop the line. That's a real baby!'" said Cyndee Johnson, who works at the recycling plant.

Alexie admitted to hiding her pregnancy and giving birth secretly in a garage on Dec. 22. She told investigators she wrapped the baby in a towel and left the child in the garage for more than 48 hours.

As the discovery of the baby's body became public the woman who has custody of Alexie's two older children called police.

"There was no comfort offered. No food. No water. No clothing. No warmth. No blanket. No protection against the elements," said Bill Cataldo, a Macomb County prosecuting attorney.

The defense argues Alexie tried to keep the baby warm with blankets and attempted to breastfeed the child but was unsuccessful. Prosecutors allege Alexie is only sorry she got caught.

"When the child is dead on Christmas Eve and she knows that, she simply wraps it back in a towel and hides it back in the garage for a week, week and a 1/2. And then pulls the child out? And takes the child over to a garbage can and dumps it onto the ground in a plastic bag," said Cataldo.

The medical examiner said the baby died from hypothermia. He froze to death.

The murder trial begins in March.

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