Snow on the way to SE Michigan

And so is more bitter cold


DETROIT – It was a brutally cold start to the day as Metro Airport officially recorded a low temperature of -13°, which obliterated the old record low of -8° set way back in 1934.

However, some of you had it more than twice as cold as it was at Metro! If you want to know how cold it got near where you live or where other people you care about live, I've posted a link here to show virtually every Lower Peninsula National Weather Service observer's report this morning. Check it out!

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Fortunately, we get a break from the severe cold tonight and tomorrow. In fact, temperatures will slowly rise all night long as warmer air pushes in. That warm push is also generating some light snow that we'll see overnight. Temperatures by dawn should be in the mid to upper teens. South wind at 5 to 10 mph.

Periodic snow on Saturday will align itself from northeast to southwest across our area, with the highest snow totals being south and east of a line from Port Huron to south of Pontiac to Jackson: 2 inches to as much as 4 inches are possible here. North and west of that line, general accumulation should be 1 -to-2 inches, and those of you north of I-69 may only get a dusting. Highs in the upper 20s means that we can FINALLY get out and play in this snow -- kick the kids out the door and have them get some exercise! Conversely, at least it won't be brutally cold when you shovel your driveway. Wind should be light and variable (eventually swinging around to the northwest by late afternoon). Saturday's sunrise is at 7:21 AM, and sunset is at 6:13 PM.

Snow ends quickly Saturday evening, and we'll be mostly cloudy most of the night. Lows near 20°.

Mostly cloudy skies should become partly cloudy on Sunday, with temperatures falling into the low teens by the end of the afternoon. Breezes picking up should also send wind chills well below zero.

Becoming mostly clear and bitterly cold Sunday night. Actual temperatures will fall to -10°, with much colder temps in the typically colder spots. However, wind chills could conceivably drop to between -15° and -25°, which means that school closings once again are a concern.

Mostly sunny on Monday, with highs in the upper single numbers.

Becoming partly cloudy Monday night, with wind picking up after midnight as well. Lows around zero, with wind chills between -10° and -20° -- a borderline situation for more school closings due to the bitter cold.

Becoming cloudy with light snow developing on Tuesday. Highs near 20°, although it's going to be a windy day with sub-zero wind chill. Snow ends Tuesday night. Lows near 10°.

Partly cloudy and windy on Wednesday, with highs in the mid to upper teens.

Becoming mostly clear Wednesday night, with lows averaging around -5° -- and wind chills of -10° to -20° could create another potential school closing day, so stay tuned.

Mostly sunny on Thursday, with highs in the mid teens.

Mostly clear Thursday night, with lows averaging around -7°.

Mostly sunny on Friday, with highs in the mid teens.

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