Elderly couple killed in Westland house fire Sunday

WESTLAND, Mich. – Two people were killed Sunday morning in a house fire in the 8400 block of Freemont Street in Westland, according to authorities.

Officials say the 83-year-old and 84-year-old victims made it to the door in trying to escape the fire. Firefighters found the door open when they arrived on the scene.

A neighbor saw the fire at around 3:45 a.m. and called authorities.

"One of the neighbors, he is the one who called in the fire, said assistant chief fire marshal Kelly Eggers. "He ran up there to see if he can help and opened the front door and yelled in there. It was too hot. He couldn't do a whole lot so he backed away and called 911."

Authorities say they worked on the two victims all the way to the hospital, but they were pronounced dead when they arrived.

The fire is believed to have started in the bedroom and burned through the floor, officials say. Eggers says the home did have smoke detectors.

The home has been boarded up so the investigation can continue.

"There were heavy flames coming out of the roof," Eggers said.

The neighbors say the victims lived on the block for a couple of years.

"They were nice enough," said Chris Spaulding. "I conversed with him and her a little bit. Not a whole lot."

The cause of the fire was electrical.