Flashpoint: Examining progress of local schools


DETROIT – This week's episode began with a discussion about the EAA's experiment on local school districts. In wake of anger from the EAA's critics, the company's chancellor Veronica Conforme joined Devin Scillian to talk about the plan.

She said that she still believes the EAA's plan is the right direction for local schools to take. She said she definitely feels a difference in the schools as she monitors the progress of this plan. The academics haven't improved as quickly as Conforme would like, and she says that there is still more work to be done.

Her evaluation over the last few months is that significant progress has been made in some of the schools that were struggling the most. She said the schools have improved many of the safety concerns and a more nurturing environment has taken over.

You can watch the entire conversation on Conforme in the video posted above.

In the second segment, Debbie Dingell, Nolan FInley, Paul Welday and Reggie Turner joined Devin to talk about problems stemming from the terrorism of ISIS.

The panel talked about whether it's important to include the word "Islamic" in the description of extremist terrorism by ISIS.

To hear the whole panel discussion from the second segment, click on the video below.


After the break, the panel returned to its discussion about ISIS. Dingell said the United States needs to become a part of a world coalition to destroy ISIS. She thinks the world has to act against the group.

Devin brought up the videos ISIS releases and the group's talk about marching on Rome. Turner said that sometimes radical ideologies do flourish, and brought up Dwight Eisenhower's battle with communism. He said Eisenhower can't be blamed for the spread of communism.

You can watch the final segment in the video below.