Drive has medical emergency; Passenger tries to prevent crash in southwest Detroit

Driver, passenger suffer minor injuries in crash at Clark Avenue, Vernor Highway


DETROIT – A woman says she tried to help her friend who was suffering a medical emergency behind the wheel of a pickup truck in southwest Detroit before it crashed, but just didn't make it in enough time.

"My friend was driving and she seized up. I tried to get to the brake but, as you can tell, I didn't get there quick enough," Charles Spears said.

The pickup truck Spears and her friend was in hit four cars in a chain reaction crash late Monday afternoon at Clark Avenue and Vernor Highway.


"I couldn't get her out of the way quick enough to stop the car," Spears said. "Everything came so quick. I remember the cop let me out of the window."

Spears suffered a minor cut to her head. Her friend was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.