Berkley police: Boy's 'help me' note left at restaurant was part of game

Police say note was part of game 8-year-old boy plays with friends

BERKLEY, Mich. – Berkley police say a "please help me" note left by an 8-year-old boy at a restaurant was part of game he plays with his friends.

Police identified and questioned the boy Tuesday, a day after the note was found on a napkin at Alex's of Berkley off 12 Mile Road. It had read, "I'm with someone. Please help me."

After police investigators interviewed the boy and spoke with his parents, they realized the whole thing was part of a game he plays with his friends. Police say it was a game of "cops and robbers." The boy said writing the note was a part of the game and he did not intend to cause alarm.

The boy had been sitting at a corner booth in the restaurant with two women and four other children.

Police released video of the boy and the women inside the restaurant when they were trying to identify them.

"It is important that we take these matters seriously to ensure the safety of residents and visitors in our city. This type of ending is the best case scenario for any incident involving a child," said Richard Eshman, Berkley public safety director.

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