Forecast: Short-term snow, bitter cold in SE Michigan

But warmer temps (and more snow) are on the horizon


DETROIT – Winds will continue strong through Tuesday evening, and we'll see some (mostly) light snow showers crossing the area ahead of the next Arctic cold front.

Snow accumulations should be less than an inch, and wind gusting to 30 mph this evening will settle down to 5 to 10 mph toward dawn. Lows in the single numbers, with wind chills between -10° and -15° when you head off to work in the morning.

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Make sure you have your sunglasses for the drive to work Wednesday morning, because we should have plenty of morning sunshine, although clouds will increase during the afternoon. Highs in the mid teens, with afternoon wind chills between 0° and 5°.

Cloudy with a chance for some light snow to move into the area Wednesday night. Lows near 0°.

Light snow continues Thursday morning, then we should be dry for the afternoon. Highs in the low teens.

Becoming mostly clear and bitterly cold Thursday night. Lows averaging around -10°, with lower temps in the typically coldest suburbs. Temperatures this cold combined with even the expected light wind will still create wind chills of -15° to -20° -- so it's going to be yet another borderline school closing decision Friday morning for our area superintendents.

Mostly sunny on Friday, with highs only around 10°.

Mostly clear Friday night, with lows around -6°, and lower in the usual colder spots.

Mostly sunny on Saturday, with highs in the upper teens.

Increasing clouds Saturday night, with lows in the low single numbers.

The potential Sunday snow that I talked about yesterday is being advertised by today's computer models as a minor snowfall -- but I still need to keep an eye on things. As we saw last week with the models' awful handling of last Saturday's (non) snow, there's still plenty of time for things to change. Highs Sunday warming into the mid 20s.

Light snow chances continue Sunday night. Lows in the mid teens.

Partly cloudy on Monday, with highs in the upper 20s.

Increasing clouds Monday night, with lows in the mid teens.

Tuesday's computer models, while diminishing Sunday's snow, are suggesting a more noticeable snow on Tuesday. Same caveat as above: there is still a lot of uncertainty about the weather pattern's evolution early next week, so stay tuned. Temperatures continue milder, with highs in the upper 20s.

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