Feds' cars broken into in Corktown

2 unmarked vehicles targeted by thieves

DETROIT – Two unmarked vehicles belonging to federal agents were targeted by thieves Wednesday night in Corktown.

Sources told Local 4 laptops and other equipment were taken from the two vehicles.

The agents were inside the new Batch Brewery having dinner when the cars were targeted.

Detroit police got a dog out to track and a chopper in the air looking for the thieves.

It is the latest high-profile auto theft/break-in around Corktown in recent weeks. Car thieves have been targeting the slew of bars and restaurants in the area.

Detroit police already have dedicated patrols for Corktown and were on the scene in seconds. They've been working on curbing the problem.

Sources told Local 4 the tracking turned up nothing, but they have a pretty good idea who is responsible.

Thieves picked the wrong targets -- Homeland Security ordered the vehicles towed and they will be gone over for any and all trace evidence.

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