Michigan Gaming Control Board investigating Shelby Township parent-teacher organization

School group tied to illegal conduct at Snookers


DETROIT – The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) is investigating the Switzer Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) after its former treasurer was arraigned recently on a felony embezzlement charge involving organization funds.

MGCB said this is the second time in the last two years it has looked into the Shelby Township school organization. The state board said the PTO will not be allowed to conduct millionaire party fundraisers with casino-style games, such as poker, because of possible Bingo Act violations.

"While we recognize the Switzer PTO may be an embezzlement victim in this matter, it is solely responsible for guaranteeing appropriate financial controls are in place and making certain the money raised through millionaire parties is used for a proper purpose," Richard Kalm, MGCB executive director Richard Kalm said. "We need to examine whether the PTO followed state law and maintained gaming integrity." 

Former PTO Treasurer Tracy Rhadigan, 33, was arraigned Feb. 5 in 41-A District Court in Shelby Township. The PTO alleges more than $68,000 in unauthorized purchases and withdrawals were made.

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--Tracy Rhadigan

Rhadigan is due back in court on April 13.

In 2013, MGCB cited the Switzer PTO and its members for failing to oversee their millionaire party and for letting members of Snookers Pool and Pub, Utica, complete their financial records. The MGCB suspended all millionaire parties at Snookers for illegal gaming activities in December 2012, and its owner, Donald Wawrzyniak, and manager, Sherrie Saoud, pled guilty to gambling crimes in November 2013. 

The Switzer PTO indicated willingness to cooperate with the MGCB investigation.