6-year-old boy calls police after mom leaves him, siblings in car

Woman could face child abuse charges


MONROE, Mich. – A 6-year-old boy called 911 Monday to report that his mother left him and his younger brothers in the car while she was in the Dorsch Memorial Library in Monroe, police say.

Authorities say the kids were inside the library with their 25-year-old mom, but were taken out to the car when the two younger boys, ages 4 and 2, were running around and being loud. The woman took the kids out to the car and left them there while she went bank inside the library to continue working on the computer, according to investigators.

On the 911 call, the boy can be heard telling authorities "my mom is being mean to us" and that "we're at the library."

The boy told the woman on the call that the library "starts with a D" and that he was in a car in the parking lot while his mother was inside the library.

Another woman called police to report that there was a car in front of the library with "three very small children left unattended in it."

An officer arrived and escorted the boys inside. The mother told police she was worried she was going to get kicked out of the library before she could finish her financial paperwork.

The car doors were left unlocked and the windows were rolled down. It was 30 degrees outside while the kids were in the car.

After the police spoke with the woman, the children were released back to their mother.

Police say the woman could possibly face unattended child and child abuse charges.