How your Uber rating could affect your ride chances


DETROIT – Uber is popular for being an easy and affordable way to get around town. The cab-like service is run entirely through an app with that allows riders to see which driver and which car will be picking them up. But Uber has another feature that could affect your ride: a rating system.

While a passenger can rate their driver, the driver can also rate their passenger.

The scale runs from one to five. A low score is typically tied to bad behavior. If a passenger has a low enough score, he or she could be denied service.

The Local 4 Defenders got into several Uber cars around metro Detroit to hear what the drivers had to say about rating passengers. The drivers told Local 4 that passenger ratings give them a sense of security – and that they used them to avoid potential unruly behavior.

How can passengers up their score with drivers? Be patient, professional, avoid eating and smoking during the ride, don't keep drivers waiting at the pickup location and don't argue with the driver about the route.

You watch the Defenders' full report above.